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What's Involved?

You will learn to master the areas of memory to help you achieve your goals. That means you will not only learn the basic, but dig deep into memory and its workings to customise your own unique approach to your success.

You will learn all the techniques, strategies, and principles that form the basis of memory to a master level, working with Tansel and your masterclass group every step of the way. You will learn all the tricks, tips, and strategies that enabled Tansel to memorise two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days, win 4 national memory championship titles, break several national memory records, read and retain information from books in record time, and most importantly utilise memory skills to help you achieve your personal goals.

Who is this for?

This program is strictly for those who are serious about developing their mental ability to the next level. It is for those who are committed, disciplined, and want to develop their mental skills in order to get ahead and achieve success in life. This program is a long journey, and requires individuals to develop patience, mental stamina, and open mindedness to always learn and make the most out of their knowledge.


$2750 + GST / 6 months

A 6-month Masterclass with the 4 x Memory Champion

Tansel Institute is offering exclusive spots for individuals that are seeking to master the art of memory to significantly boost mental ability, learning potential, and skills to get ahead in life. The Memory Masterclass Group offers 1-to-1 exclusive access to celebrity memory coach Tansel Ali, to master the areas which include speed reading, advanced learning, mindset, concentration, stress and anxiety management, creativity and innovation, and most importantly changing their lives with the high-level knowledge and skills gained.

Tansel Ali memory coach memory expert
Tansel Ali coaches Todd Sampson on the TV show Redesign My Brain
Tansel Ali memory expert memory coach
Memory coaching featured on channel 9

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Memory Masterclass 2018

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