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What's Involved?

You will learn memory techniques to help you achieve your goals. Our free session is no "introduction" or "taster" session. It involves tackling your inner most challenges, concerns, and goals and providing a solution based on years of memory knowledge and practice. You will be able to take away all the knowledge and skills you need to help you achieve your goals.

Who is this for?

Memory training is strictly for those who are serious about developing their mental ability to the next level. It is for those who are committed, disciplined, and want to develop their mental skills in order to get ahead and achieve success in life. Memory training and development is a long journey, and requires individuals to develop patience, mental stamina, and open mindedness to always learn and make the most out of their knowledge.

Anyone can improve their memory. However not many people will. It requires discipline, commitment and practice.

Improve Your Memory Fast

Tansel Institute offers free memory training and coaching for individuals that are seeking to master the art of memory to significantly boost mental ability, learning potential, and skills to get ahead in life. Our trainers have been coached exclusively by the 4 x Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali himself and able to assist in memory and recall, speed reading, advanced learning, mindset, concentration, creativity, and up skilling knowledge to a higher level to stand out from the crowd and be valuable.

Tansel Ali memory coach memory expert
Tansel Ali coaches Todd Sampson on the TV show Redesign My Brain
free memory training tansel ali

Book Your Free Memory Training Session

Let us know the areas you would love help in and we will prepare  in advance to give you all the techniques and skills you need for your session.